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Effective July 1, 2017
 Active Employees & Early Retirees:
BHG Health Plan Comparison Chart
BHG Active & Early Retiree Health & Dental Plan Rates – 2 pages

Effective July 1, 2018
Active Employees & Early Retirees:
BHG HMO, POS, & PPO Health Plan Comparison Chart

NEW !!!  BHG HSA Saver Health Plan Comparison Chart
NOTE – The total family deductible must be paid out-of-pocket before the insurer starts paying for healthcare services for any individual member
BCBS & Health Equity – HSA Qualified Saver Health Plan Presentation
Deductible Fact Sheet for the HMO, POS & PPO plans- click here for information about your deductible works

BHG Active & Early Retiree Health & Dental Plan Rates
– 2 pages 

Effective January 1, 2018 BHG Medex 2 Senior Plan
Medex 2 w/Blue Medicare Rx Rate – $329.00
Medex 2 Benefit Summary
Blue Medicare Rx – Medicare Part D drug plan Summary, works with Medex 2
Blue Medicare Rx Formulary Changes effective January 1, 2018
Blue Medicare Rx Formulary (listing of medications)
Medex Fitness Reimbursement – $300

(***See below for Berkshire County Insurance Group (BCIG health & dental plan rates)
Berkshire County Insurance Group
P.O. Box 752
Stockbridge, MA 01262
Phone & Fax: 413-298-7285
E: mailto:[email protected]

BHG Berkshire County Insurance Group (BCIG)
Effective July 1, 2017
BHG BCIG Active & Retiree Health & Dental Plan Ratesall units

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Comparison Charts & Rates